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This school year we are planning to spend more time learning about world cultures. We have been loosely following the rotation schedule over at The Well-Educated Heart. Spain is one of the world history study options in Month 2. This Spain unit study is a great elementary introduction to another culture. I hope you find these resources useful.

Reference Books

When I plan unit studies I always start with reference books I already have sitting on my shelves. I often recommend applicable sections in Material World by Peter Menzel, Hungry Planet by Faith D’Aluisio and Peter Menzel, and Children Just Like Me by Anabel Kindersley and Barnabas Kindersley. These books make a great foundation for any study into world cultures. I also recommend using a good children’s atlas. The one I have is DK Smithsonian Children’s Illustrated Atlas by David Green.

With younger kids, these books work best for reading bits and pieces of information as they’re interested. Older kids may want to read more in depth. I leave these out as “browsing books” and let them take what they will.

Spain Unit: Elementary Introduction, photo of books as resource suggestions from heart-based homeschool

Website Resources

If you don’t have access to any of these books, I recently found this website that reminds me a little of the book Material World. It shows the income level and standard of living of different families around the world. There are a handful of families from Spain featured here. is another website full of interesting facts about Spain for reference.

If you need an online kids atlas, this is a decent choice. Click on the area of the world you want to know more about and a black box will appear showing a link to a summary, profile with a list of statistics, and links to related articles.

Coloring and Worksheets

My kids like to keep their hands busy while I read aloud to them. Coloring is a favorite activity, especially with my girls. Here are a few options to print and use at your leisure.

Free Spanish flag coloring page from

Flamenco dancer and Spanish fighting bull coloring pages from

Find a map of Spain to color here.

Download this free Spain for kids mini-book.

Picture Books

I love to use picture books to introduce new topics to my kids. While having a book in hand is the best option, sometimes that’s not possible. Budget constraints and library restrictions are definite factors. We’ve discovered that we enjoy watching YouTube readings of various picture books by teachers and librarians. Here are some options to check out.

Ferdinand by Munro Leaf

Lola’s Fandango by Anna Witte

Half Chicken by Alma Flor Ada

Don Quixote and the Wind Mills retold and adapted by Eric A. Kimmel

Frida Kahlo and her Animalitos by Monica Brown


Here is a website for kids showing some of the works of Pablo Picasso, one of Spain’s most famous artists.

Barcelona, Spain is known for having mosaic art incorporated into the local architecture. Here is an idea to make animals filled with a mosaic pattern inspired by the work of Spanish artist and architect Gaudi. Younger kids could glue colored construction paper pieces into outlines for a similar effect.

Spain is famous for their fields of sunflowers. Here is a post with lots of ideas for making sunflower related crafts with kids.

We made Flamenco dance paper fans with my littlest girls. I shared the tutorial over at Uplifting Mayhem so you can make some too!


Listening to traditional music really helps you to get a feel for other cultures. Here are some videos we discovered on YouTube that showcase traditional forms of music from Spain.

Flamenco music


Classical Guitar

Zarzuela dance and opera

Spanish Language Resources

There are tons of high quality resources online for learning the Spanish language. I just had to include some options in this study.

Salsa Spanish is a really fun introduction to Spanish for young children.

First Step Espanol, Next Step Espanol, and Another Step Espanol, are a great free series for elementary students.

Duolingo is a free language learning website that many homeschoolers have had success with.

Spain Unit Celebration!

It’s always fun to end a unit study with a celebration. For us, this often involves food, games, and a movie. I gathered a few ideas for inspiration.

Here is an article showing three different ways to make a pinata.

This article describes the top 10 foods to try while visiting Spain. There are even links to recipes.

I tried to find a kid’s movie set in Spain, which wasn’t the easiest. In my search, I found Ferdinand the movie. Admittedly, I have not seen this one, so don’t hold me to this recommendation too tightly–ha ha.

If you enjoyed this resource, check out my FREE Japan Unit Study!

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Thanks for listening, friend.

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